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Ensuring that you get the best factoring deal is what every company wants and Factoring Solutions, one of the longest established specialist factoring brokers in the UK who are unlike many of our competitors as we are completely independent with no ties to any factoring company whether by ownership or reciprocal trading at all are here to ensure that getting the best factoring deal is exactly what we will do for you.

There are many factoring companies in the UK all clamouring for business and we deal with comparatively few of them as the vast majority do not meet the high standards that we insist on for all of our clients, whether in terms of service levels, transparency or general integrity.

We know which factoring companies actually offer the service levels that they claim and which ones don’t set artificially low credit limits on customers and which ones have the highest levels of client retention and satisfaction and we refuse to deal with anyone that doesn’t match the high standards that we insist on.

There are no charges for our services and you therefore have nothing to lose but much to gain by talking to us as we only introduce people to one of the few factoring companies that actually perform

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